Works of art

This one is on Sandy!  As per usual Sandy arrives at my home and asks me to embroider some phrases/words on to some fabric using my embroidery machine, then all we had to do is hoop it up, cut away the extra fabric and hang it on the wall!  Sounds quick and easy!  Well no!  Nikki had to get complicated and decided that she wants to hand embroider some designs on each phrase/word.

Using an embroidery machine I hooped up some fabric, placed two pieces of tear away on the back/wrong side of the fabric and embroidered words like love, peace, be calm, be happy, and live laugh love, using Mettler embroidery cotton.

Then place each phrase/word in a wooden embroidery hoop frame, this is the hoop that you going to use to frame the final embroidery work.  Now draw a circle around the word/phrase to get an idea of the size of the area for the hand embroidery, remove from wooden hoop.  Now free hand draw a design on each circle using a wash away marker, stitch the designs out using your favorite embroidery thread.  I used House of Embroidery Perle Thread, using back, stem, lazy daisy and the French knot stitches.  Then sprays each design with a little water to remove the wash away marker and press.

Place each design back into the wooden embroidery hoop frame making sure that the “screw” part of the hoop is at the top, now mark and cut the extra fabric away leave just enough fabric so that you can turn the fabric to the inside of the wooden hoop and use a hot glue gun to secure the fabric to the hoop.  Just put one blotch at a time and turn the fabric in, the glue dries very quickly so don’t be tempted to place glue all the way around.

I must say I really enjoyed making these works of art.

Happy crafting till next week.



27 thoughts on “Works of art

  1. Embroidery machines are awesome. My Bff had one for awhile until it was ruined during a flood. She loved it and made some fun and gorgeous stuff with it.
    I admire anyone who can figure out, learn and remember all the stuff of using an embroidery machine. I think it takes talent too. Like my Bff, you have a talent for making beautiful things with your machine.
    I like your embroidering on print fabric. The combo of handwork and machine work made for pretty creations. Your friend had a good idea on that one. Well done you two!

  2. Thank you for viewing my blog. I love your work, I used to knit and sew when the kids were small, now, I’m afraid to admit my machine is dusty but perhaps you can inspire me to take it out again.

      • Sorry. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.
        Never be sorry. we were newbies and still learn things we never imagined in a day.) If you need any help if you Pinterest I have a business info board with free good reliable help and we all help each other where we can out here in virtual social land. Just drop a line any time.

  3. Thanks for your like on my Rotary Cutting Blues post. Saw the embroidery project you did. It looks adorable. Tried some hand embroidery on my tag for my quilt and I really loved it, so I do hope I get the chance to do some more and even try out the machine!

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