A tadpole hatched!

Oh my word! I had a tadpole hatch this week! As you all know I have been eating frogs the past few weeks! Eating frogs – unfinished projects! I’m glad to report that the tadpole did not grow up to be a hibernating frog!

It all started with a trip to the book store! There I found the cutest book on “making baby’s clothes” by Rob Merrett. What caused the whole hatching of the tadpole was babysitting Miss Hayley for 2 days.

I photo copied, cut out and sewed the “flower child” dress on page 11 and the “hello petal” panties on page 19, size 0 – 3 months . The instructions and patterns in the book are very easy to follow. Found a nice piece of Kaffe Fassett for Rowan – Westminster Fibers # GP109 Plink for the dress and panties and Kaffe Fassett for Rowan Fabric, # GP70 Spot for the little bib on the dress, all these were fabrics in my stash.

Hauled out my old over locker from a dark and distant cupboard! The over locker and I haven’t had a good relationship over the past few years! Those of you that have one and feel the same as I do, will understand! The tension! It’s a bugger! Well believe it or not it worked like a charm! First time! I was as surprised as you are! After an afternoon of zooming between sewing machine and over locker! I’m proud to show you Miss Hayley’s first designer outfit!

The little baby sweater I knitted a while ago from a pattern I found on knitty.com under Helena baby sweater – Summer 2008. Using – Elle – Cuddly, double knit, shades 004 soft pink and 032 lilac. I just didn’t follow the “skirt” lace pattern. Not good at reading patterns! I think it’s more the technique! The hem at the bottom, the sleeves, the front edge collar and the heart was knitted in the lilac, the body was done in the pink!

Happy sewing and knitting!

Till next week!


36 thoughts on “A tadpole hatched!

  1. Nice patterns and colors. You did a great job. Keep some of these things for your daughter and for the benefit of future generations. I am a “used to be person.” I made all of my daughters summer shorts one summer. They loved them. But you’ve taken your craft to a much higher level. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Beautiful Nicky!
    I wish my sewing was as good as yours. They look super on the little one 🙂

    Hugs Heather x

  3. Thanks for liking my post Nikki. And congratulations on eating so many frogs. I can’t begin to think how many frogs I have, and now I am starting new ones, without having finished the old. As other commenters have said, that’s part of the inspiration of being a crafter, always wanting to try new things. Good luck, love your work.

  4. She looks so adorable in her beautiful new outfit. I have been poking around your page and you have so many wonderful projects, I’m really impressed. I love the photo collages too, I have yet to figure out how to create those.

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