Blooming Cushion!

Well most of you figured out that “Eat the Frog” is basically a UFO! Here in buzy day we have been eating lots and lots of frogs! And you know what, they taste pretty good!

What will you do when you are presented with a frog that you have to eat? Are you going to sit and stare at it or just eat it? The best reason for eating a frog comes from a fellow blogger, handymom03! They make an awful noise and you have to shut it up! Rip it out! Rip it out! Rip it out! When they make a noise like that you just have to eat them! Sorry!

Like lots of you have said you have tadpoles, well, I have lots of big frogs that have been hibernating! I pulled one out that I started in 2011, July, 23 to be exact!

All I had to do is add 2 more of the flower petal rounds, crochet the back and make the cushion for the inside.

Yarn used: Elle – Premier, natural cotton, double knit, crochet with#4 (UK) 10 (US) hook, size.
Pattern: Lucy @ Attic 24 –Blooming flower cushion.

Hope you all are also eating some frogs! Hehe

I’m buzy eating another frog! Hope to have swallowed it by next week!


67 thoughts on “Blooming Cushion!

  1. What a beautiful frog, I am so glad you faced it and have shared the wonderful results with us. I have made the cushion too a couple of times and love it. One was for my daughter who tells me she hugs it rather than sits on it, so tactile.

  2. I really got lost and confused at first with all the talk of frogs. To me they are either amphibians or part of a guitar. You learn something every day!

  3. Hi, Nikki, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your cushion looks great; I’m afraid crochet is outside my skills set, at the moment. I keep promising myself I’ll learn, but I can’t set the knitting down long enough!

    • Hi Maggie
      Seams I’m the opposite not a good knitter my skill level to knitting is limited to socks! Hehe love looking at other people’s lovely knits!

  4. That cushion is too beautiful to sit on! Or lean on! Or anything! I wouldn’t want to squish it! Thanks for popping by my blog! =) I just finished joining my granny squares together and I’m up to the border now!

  5. Hello 🙂 Thanks for the like on my pitiful attempts at crochet! of course I had to come and have a peek over here, and oh my that cushion is adorable! I think I might try something like that in the future once I figure out how to finish a round properly! 🙂

  6. NikkiM – thanks for sharing this tutorial. Although I can only aspire to crochet that is as even and beautiful as those pictures show.
    Love your blog and thanks for always looking at mine!

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