What happened to “The Plan”!

Well , like I said last week, I have decided to “eat” the frogs that are staring @ me! Two of these frogs that are staring at me were started and shared with you in my post “The Plan” dated, June 8, 2013.

Well, I’m glad to report the diagonal crochet blanket is close to being complete, I just have to crochet the final two rows of the border and I have started the quilt I was planning to make.

The quilt has 4 friendship braid pattern panels divided with 3 rose appliqué panels with little bits of hand embodied flower sprigs. I hope I have not created another “frog” for myself!

Sadly the curtains have not arrived yet, they had a problem with the factory re the delivery of the fabric! Maybe this is a good thing as this will give me some more time to complete the blanket and sew the quilt.

How many “frogs” have you got staring @ you?

Hope to hear of “frogs” you are planning to eat!


53 thoughts on “What happened to “The Plan”!

  1. They look beautiful. I am trying to teach myself to eat my frogs straight away. I’m trying not to let myself buy new yarn until I have finished my current crochet project. This is because I know I am very good at ignoring my frogs. So my crochet frog right now is the Cottage Garden CAL blocks… which I am edging in preparation for joining. Sewing is more difficult as I find it hard to find time to get to the sewing machine because of work just now. I started some book marks which are all spread out all over the bench in the workroom waiting for me to find the time.

  2. Oh man everyone sounds good compared to me! I have 3 quilts on the go, a Christmas tree ornament in progress (just started that one though) a quilt set where I have only completed the pillowcase hmm oh a scarf I have been knitting for at least a year now. There is probably loads more but I am too scared to look in the drawers!

    • Hi Vicky
      I’m to scared to tell you how many frogs I have staring at me! I’m hoping to work through them!
      Thanks for sharing your frogs!
      Like Lucie say you not a crafter if you don’t have frogs staring at you!

  3. Thanks for sharing all your interesting things. Love your little cheese cakes wonderful recipe. Do you ever sleep???

    • Hi Ivonne
      Thanks for your lovely comment! To answer your question yes I do sleep. I just very fortunate to be a full time “crafter”. Hehe

  4. Love your frogs, the colours are beautiful, soft and mellow. I have tried to be disciplined about finishing lately but it is so hard, there is always 1 that is particularly hard to tackle for me this is a flower cushion cover, I really love how it looks but it is so fiddly to do. I do keep picking it up and doing a bit but then allow myself to be distracted, I will get there eventually!

    • At least you trying! I have one that I have being working on for five years now! I have not touched it in a year!
      Good luck! Thank you for your lovely comment.

  5. Hi, enjoy your blog. Please tell this Texan what frog stands for. I know it’s a ufo (UnFinished Object). When I frog something I rip it out ripit ripit ripit. LOL I don’t want to think about how meny I have.

  6. Not entirely sure what frogs are (except for the hoppetihopp ones) but I assume they are the same things as UFOs. If that is so, then I have…..tadang! only one!! The Stevie’s Garden top that sits in a box along with batting and backing waiting for me to get brave enough to quilt it on my J6600. Part of me and the frog (?) think that is never going to happen.
    Love that crochet blanket – sweet soft colors. I have so far managed to refrain from broadening gout from quilting 😀

  7. I’ve never heard of ‘eating the frog’,. From the other comments I’m guessing unfinished projects? If so, I’ve loads. That quilt is beautiful, I love it,

  8. Reckon I had frog soup this week. I got caught up on all the little projects, and now I’m hatching tadpoles in my mind. Wiggly little critters, but fun!! 😆

  9. How many “frogs” have you got staring @ you?

    …twenty. Good grief.

    That said, I did have twenty-two earlier this week (although I didn’t exactly finish them, I more recognized that I wasn’t going to finish them and officially cancelled them. One was a knit shawl that I’d finished knitting and was half-done the edging on and just… I did not love it).

    Two of my frogs are knit hats that just need the ends woven in, so perhaps I’ll finish them today.

  10. I see you have a love for blankets as I do! I’m not a quilter or anything as crafty as that, I simply try to collect them with the intention of keeping my community warm, one blanket at a time. Thank you so much for taking interest in The Great Warm Up! I will certainly follow your journey from now on.


  11. The first frog that is staring at me is the poem “High Flight” that I started in cross stitch about five years ago. I picked it up again yesterday, and hope to have it finished for my dad for Christmas (yes, this year!). Thanks for “liking” my post about it at triggershorse.wordpress.com – Fawn

  12. Too many to count, every time I’m looking for some thread or fabric I find another one or two. One I’ve very nearly finished recently is a cardigan I started when our son was 9 months old, everybody keeps saying it won’t fit him any more, but fortunately it’s for me!! It’s just as well as he’s now 2. I still love the colour and the style has gone full circle. I just need to sew in the ends and stitch on the buttons.

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