Just Take 2 the final chapter!

It has been a very happy week here @ “Buzy Day”!  I finally finished quilting my “Just Take 2” quilt! Do you remember this post “Task” dated, June 22, 2013?

Well after many hours of quilting.  It’s done!  I started off by using a walking foot to stitching in the ditch every straight line you can see on the quilt, then I became very adventurous and free motion quilted some stenciled designs on to some of the blocks.  Then I got a bit tired of this method of quilting and moved on to free motion meander quilting and quilted around some of the blocks.  Then finally I was fed up!  I pulled out my embroidery machine attachment and attached it to my sewing machine and hooped up the remaining blocks and quilted them with embroidery designs.  Here are some notes in PDF format to explain Machine Quilting, using walking foot and free motion quilting.

I have decided to “eat” the frogs that are staring @ me!  Next week I hope to have eaten the crochet diagonal blanket and started the new quilt that I mentioned in my post “The Plan” dated, June 8, 2013,

Hope to show you some pictures of the “new” guestroom I’m just waiting for the new curtains to arrive, furniture and walls are painted!

Have a happy week!



59 thoughts on “Just Take 2 the final chapter!

  1. I didn’t know you could embroider quilted items… Now there’s food for thought… That aside, really liking this quilt! How long did it take in total and what are the dimensions? A x

    • Thanks for reading my post. “Eat the frog” means if you told you have to eat the frog. What will you do eat it or sit and stare at it! Well this is me finishing my unfinished project. So I’m “eating the frog”, hehe
      They tast pretty good!

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