That’s life!

Well this has been a happy and also a very sad week in my buzy day! What first, happy or sad?! I will go happy!

I went to visit my little nephew! All mothers think their babies are beautiful, well it also goes for the family!
I think he is too much cuteness!

Now for the sad news, I lost Milo, one of my four legged children! Lots of tears! As I’m writing this the tears just well up in my eyes! She was very old, we had 15 very good years with her, then she had a stroke! She is buried in the garden that she loved so much! Not far from the spot where the photo of her was taken, 2 months ago. That’s life! Very sad fact.

I have being crafting a little bit, not big stuff! I made some bunting for Quirky Queens, my sister in laws party business, and I also knitted some socks for the only little rose among the thorns, she is modeling them in the photographs. To cute!

Found the nicest sock yarn for little people, Regia “My first Regia” @ Arthur Bales. Bought a few balls, I did say the baby sock knitting has bitten me big time!

Till next week!


45 thoughts on “That’s life!

  1. Sorry to hear about Milo, I still remember how devastated I was when my cat died more than ten years ago, so I understand how you are feeling. Our four-legged friends really become part of the family.

  2. The booties are so precious. Your creations make me smile. They are so sweet! So sad to hear about your furry friend. I lost one of mine this week as well. It’s never easy.

  3. My heart is breaking for your loss. Wishing you comfort in the days ahead. I have grand hopes that we will all be reunited with our four legged family members someday. Wishing that for you too.

  4. I am sorry for the loss of your puppy. I have cats and it breaks my heart when I lose one. I love the colours you use in your projects.

  5. Beautiful booties, and a lovely addition to the family! So sorry to hear about Milo, animals are such wonderful people, it’s very difficult to lose a pet friend.

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