Another shower!

The baby showers are coming fast and furious this month! Had one this week! Off to the shop bought some receiving blankets. Crochet a border around them and found the cutest baby sock pattern and knitted up the smallest socks I have ever knitted. I didn’t think I could do it but I did. I was pretty chuffed with myself and it didn’t take that long either. I managed to knit a pair in a day, and I didn’t even knit all day, it was an afternoon and evening.

This mom is having a little boy and the baby room theme is “Tatty Teddy”, I was lucky to find a “Tatty Teddy” receiving blanket at the local shop and I again just crocheted a border on to it, if you want to see the other ones I did click the link.

The tiny teeny little socks pattern I found was for free from Jeanne at Jimmy Beans Wool, click the link if you want to download the pattern.

Quick tips for knitting tiny teeny little socks-

• Knit them on short wooden or bamboo double pointed knitting needles the wood/bamboo holds the stitches better and they don’t slip off so easy. I knitted mine with a set of Blue Sky Alpacas, nr 2 wooden double pointed needles that I purchased on one of my trips to New York at Purl Soho.

• To prevent that laddered look when you switch to the next needle when knitting in the round on three needles, pull the yarn tight after knitting the second stitch before knitting the third stitch.

Now I need to finish hand quilting the other baby blanket that I started last week, that boy is coming this week!

Happy crafting!



23 thoughts on “Another shower!

  1. I wish I could knit. You are very talented. Those socks are precious! Love the teddy bear. Your friends are very lucky to have someone like you to make such darling things for them out of love.

  2. I’ve I’ve always wanted to knit socks but never managed to get a pair, only odd ones one would fit and one would fall off. Turning the heel is confusing! You are super talented!

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