The plan

Last week I mentioned that my guestroom is going to be transformed. Well here is the plan –

  • Repaint walls – got the colour swatches from the paint shop, I have a vague idea of what colour the walls will be.
  • Get new curtains – the colour of the curtains will be determined by the colour of the walls.
  • French distress all wooden furniture – this should be done next week.
  • Make a new quilt – using various faded fabrics with flowers on, I’m thinking a friendship braid with appliqué flower panels in between.
  • Crochet a new blankie for the end of the bed.

I have started the crochet blankie for the end of the bed. My inspiration for the blankie comes from Sandra from Cherry Heart “Put a slant on it” crochet cushion, following the link to find the pattern.
I’m using various colours from the Rowan Cashsoft dk range, using a number 4 crochet hook.

Hope to soon show you the newly painted furniture and maybe the beginning of the quilt, and a few more rows on the blankie.


28 thoughts on “The plan

  1. Your photographs are just so appealing, the colours, I just want to dive into those balls of wool.

  2. ohhh such beautiful colours and I love the fabric patterns…where do you buy your fabrics sample??? they are so lovely 🙂 and your blog is very interesting 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words and visiting my buzy day blog. I bought these fabric on my last trip to the State aat lolly quilt shop shipshewana indiana.

  3. Thank you for sharing NikkiM! Your choices of colours are fantastic! I love soft colours. I look forward to seeing the room as it develops. How do you do things so quickly?

  4. Thanks for coming by the blog and liking the post on pan de sal. I used to crochet loads because my paternal granny used to do that a lot and it was my way of remembering her and immersing myself in my memories. I haven’t had the chance to pick up a crochet needle in…gosh, nearly 3 years! I kind of miss it! Oh and I love your blog btw! 🙂

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