The things we do!?

In the town that I live in, at this time of the year, we have The Royal Show.  This dates back to 1851.  So this kind of says it all, the “farmers” (men) show off their “things” and the wives shows off their crafts, and this is where I helped with unpacking and labelling each item and getting it ready to be judged.  Looking @ some of the judges they also look like they date back to 1851!   After judging we stage all the items into display cabinets, I  helped in the crochet section.

I made metres and metres of bunting to place in the display cabinets on Tuesday night and ended up going to bed @ 1am.  The things we do?!

The bunting was made in the same way as in this blog, the only difference is that the flags were smaller, the size of each flag is 10cm in length and is 8cm wide and I used cream bias binding to sew the flags into.

Next time I will tell you if I won any prizes for the items that I entered.

Happy crafting!



18 thoughts on “The things we do!?

  1. Thanks for liking my buttery corn and 4 spice carrots post on bittersweetkitchen! I love this idea! Will have to have a go at making this myself when we are back in brissie.

  2. We certainly must be cutting from the same cloth you and me! 😉 i also have been wanting to make bunting too… I will have a look at the link and try really hard 2 fit it in! I will update it on my blog if/when i finally get it done! Thanks for inspiration and the link. Best wishes for a prize! Your sewing is so lovely! They must be blind if they dont give you a blue ribbon! 😉

  3. You make such joyful, happy looking things! I don’t quilt but I like this banner and I’ll probably make one for my daughter’s birthday.

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