Oh, a knitting we will go!

Well I have succumbed and started knitting a pair of socks! Sorry, it’s not my fault! I went to a Fibre fair in a little town called Wakkerstroom in Mpumalanga for the weekend. The 5 ladies I went with are all?!, You guessed it! Knitters! So what was I to do? I had to knit something! I’m no great knitter! I’m a through over knitter and have had many knitters try to reform me! Needless to say without any success! This is how I learned to knit @ the age of 5 from my gran, and this is how I roll/knit!

The sock yarn I am using is yarn I purchased from MACS, the fleece was dyed and spun by one of the ladies.

We manned and set up a stand for MACS (Midlands Arts and Craft Society) that sold fibres in different forms from fleece, yarn to felt!

I also bought some alpaca yarn. The great thing about alpaca yarn is it is great for people that suffer from allergies, the fibre contains no lanolin. My purchase was 12 balls of 80% alpaca and 20% merino, colour black (they call it black but it is a dark brown). I have the perfect waistcoat pattern for this yarn.
I know I have to finish knitting the socks first!
Happy knitting!

16 thoughts on “Oh, a knitting we will go!

    • I do enjoy knitting socks! I must admit I only knit one pair of socks a year! I can’t wait to knit with the alpaca!
      Thanks for visiting my buzy day blog.

  1. I am drooling over that sock yarn. I too knit socks at the rate of one pair per year – on good years.

  2. Super awesome alpaca! I love the color and oh my, does it look comfy!!! I would love that in a nice sweater jacket for the fall and winter. de-lic-ious! -Heather

    • I can’t wait to start knitting with it! I have to get three items of my WIP list, I have only made one tick! Sigh
      Thanks for visiting my buzy day blog.

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