Owl Tea Cozy

Well what too dooo! Here is a pattern for you to make your own owl tea cozy! I make and sell a few of them @ a local shop in town.

Fabric requirements
15” x 44” piece fabric for main and lining
15” x 44” cotton or wool batting
8” square piece of fabric for tummy
1 strip 2½” x 44” for binding
3 colours of felt for the eyes and nose

Sewing machine – oiled and in good working order, Walking foot (optional), open embroidery foot, Appliqué paper, neutral cotton thread for sewing and black for the appliqué, Iron and ironing board, big fabric and paper scissor, stitch and tear (optional), A3 piece of paper, temporary spray adhesive, pencil and general sewing supplies.

Here is the owl pattern in PDF format.

Make a pattern by tracing the pattern onto A3 piece of paper and add seam allowance as indicated, cut out with paper scissors.

Using the tea cozy pattern piece, pin the pattern piece on to the main fabric, this is folded into half (you need 2 pieces), cut out with your fabric scissors. Now do the same with the lining and batting fabric. Place the lining and batting pieces one side.

Using the templates, for the tummy, trace on the smooth side of the appliqué paper, adding at least ¼” onto the shape then cut out roughly – there is no need to be accurate at this stage.

Iron the tummy appliqué shape to the wrong side of the fabric 8” square piece of fabric. When cool, cut out the shapes accurately on the pencil line.

Take one piece of your main owl pattern piece, make a fold mark in the middle (line to be from top to bottom or right side meeting the left side) and the tummy appliqué piece after you have removed the backing paper from it. Position the tummy piece (right side upmost) on the right side of your background fabric, matching the fold lines. Iron into place when you are happy.

Tips when machine appliquéing

  • I move my needle to the most right position, then I use the edge of my open toe embroidery foot as a guide.
  • I also bring my bottom thread to the top to prevent a mess at the back

Pin a piece of stitch ʼn tear underneath design to be appliquéd (optional).  With the black thread on top and in the bobbin, outline appliqué in satin or buttonhole-stitch, the tummy into place.

Now cut out the eyes on the felt using the pattern pieces. Spray temporary spray adhesive on the back of each eye piece and place each piece in to place, then outline appliqué in satin or buttonhole-stitch.  After all the stitching has been done carefully remove the stitch ʼn tear and knot and sew all the thread to the back of the appliqué designs. Press.

Now place the appliquéd main piece of fabric right sides facing on to the 2 pieces of main fabric. Sew with natural thread using a ¼” seam allowance. Clip and trim excess fabric, turn right side out and press.

Place the two lining pieces right sides facing and a batting piece on either side of them. Sew using a ½” seam allowance. Trim the seam allowance to a ¼”.

It is very important the seam allowance for the main piece is a ¼” and the lining and batting is ½”.  This ensures a perfect fit!

Pull the appliquéd owl piece over the batting and lining piece, and make it fit each other.

Iron the binding piece in half and sew the binding on. Slip stitch on wrong side the binding into place.

Owl tea cozyNow have an owling good tea!



277 thoughts on “Owl Tea Cozy

  1. I love these owls, they’re so beautifully done (and anything that will keep my cuppa warm is a winner with me)! Thank you for liking my Karma Sutra post too. 🙂

  2. I like your owl tea cozies. I made some receiving blankets the other day from flannelette fabric which are going to a shop where I work. I previously wove 4 baby blankets and have sold two. I make felted tea cozies from wool batts or roving and they have been popular.

  3. HI! Thanks for following my blog – I was intrigued by your Owl Tea Cosy blog title, so I just looked it over. I’m NOT a seamstress BUT I have a good friend who is, so I sent her your blog addy – hopefully she’ll come see your very CUTE invention!

    • Hi
      The pattern template is saved as a PDF to download read and save you need to have Adobe, this is free and you just download it!
      I hope this answers your question!
      Thanks for visiting my blog.

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