Foliage quilt route

By now you must have realised I am bit of a quilting addict! I am a member of the Meander Quilters guild and one of our members is taking us on a Foliage Route!  Each month she will give us instructions on how to construct different block with foliage/leaves on it.  Well I thought this is a great idea and I will use my recent trip during autumn in the States as inspiration!

Here is the first instalment of blocks. The finished quilt should measure 32” X 48” and all the blocks are based on multiples of 4”.

The first block is 3 pieced leaved blocks measuring 4” square.  I paper pieced it using EQ7. I Photostated the block onto A4, 90/95gsm, tracing paper. Can you image the cutting instruction for a block based on a nine patch!

This is how I do paper piecing.


The following items are what I use when paper piecing

Pattern printed on to tracing paper, a sewing machine in good working condition, a single hole throat/stitch plate is also helpful, Mettler silk-finish 100% Cotton thread  (50/3 weight), 100% cotton fabric, 70/10 Jeans/Denim sewing machine needle, Iron and ironing board, rotaring cutting board, rotary cutter, ruler, ADD-A-QUARTER ruler 6″,  wooden press and general sewing supplies.

Position piece of fabric, with the right side uppermost, on to the wrong side of the tracing paper. Ensure it overlaps all marked stitch lines by at least ¼”.   Pin in place.

Now place your second piece with right sides together, Ensure it overlaps all marked stitch lines by at least ¼”. Pin into place.  Trim to ¼” if necessary.

Position the tracing paper and fabric pieces under the presser foot, tracing paper RIGHT side up.  Using tiny machine straight stitches start at the top, stitch through all three layers (back stitch 2 or 3 stitches at the beginning and end).  Turn tracing paper over and turn tracing paper away from the stitching and trim the seam allowance to ¼” if necessary.

Open out the second piece and press with wooden press flat against the tracing paper.

Now place the next piece with right sides together, pin this piece in place as before.  With tracing paper right side uppermost, pin and trim to ¼” if necessary.  Stitch in the same manner as before.  Turn the tracing paper over and trim the seam allowance.  Open out the third piece and press it flat against the tracing paper.

Continue adding pieces in the same manner, trimming seam allowance and pressing after each addition until the block has been completed.

Mistakes do happen! No biggie! Just un pick and re sew.

Trim each segment, pin and sew together to completed block to 4½” square.  Iron  seams into place and remove paper.

The first time I showed a friend how to paper piece.  She hated it!  But now she loves it!  Now every time she has to do a complicated block she wants to know if she can paper piece it!  Don’t give up after the first time.  If this has pricked you interest to paper piece and you want more info, go to the ADD-A-QUARTER site.

Happy paper piecing.

Off to Cape Town!

Lots of love


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