Hello Everyone

Well here it goes my first post!

This week I had lots of fun with 2 of my friends!  Wini and I had a play dates making one of Laura Wasilowski quilts off her site Craftsy,  needless to say we did not listen and did not use the correct appliqué paper!  I still need to add the binding, but here it is!


Then Leslie and I had a working play date.  We belong to local guild Midlands’s Quilters  as members we make the rosettes for the Royal Show winners in the quilting section, each of us have to make 4 rosettes.  We made the traditional rosettes using the crazy patchwork method.  But then I visited Laura Wasilowski blog site Artfabrik  and found the most amazing rosette! Here is mine!


I hope to have an update every Saturday!

Keep buzy till next week!


8 thoughts on “Playdates!

  1. Nikki, Love the flowers and the crooked house! We look forward to seeing the finished article at Meander Guild. The rosettes are soooooo professional – well done

  2. Niikki, I love these rosettes! You mentioned that you found inspiration on Laura’s blog but I couldn’t locate that information. Do you know the date of the blog entry that inspired you?

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