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On the 8 September 2015 one of the blogs I follow, “Cherry Heart”, invited all to join in her CAL, I read, no I glanced over the post and kind of dismissed it, then I read “The Little Room of Rachell” blog, another blog I follow and thought, “why not?”. I have a yarn stash that I need to work through and it seems fun. The crocheting part started on the 22 September and will end on the 26 October, its only one month, and I kind of like crocheting row by row.

I dug into my stash and found that I had enough Rowan pure wool DK, my colours are not the same as Sandra’s. I replaced some of her colours with others, for example :- I didn’t have a turquoise, but had a dark purple and I also didn’t have a clay colour but had a grey.

Would you like to joining the CAL?

The blanket is designed by Sandra Paul of Cherry Heart blog. For more information click on the link, here you will find everything you need to know, even what a CAL is. The pattern notes and instructions are really good with photos and even tips regarding your tension. As for the actual crocheting part, it’s now on week 3.

Crochet along?


I’m still hooking!

I’m still hooking! This time its tray clothes, you can also use them for placemats. I follow this blog called “Little Woolie” by Julie Harrison. She crochets the most amazing things. In 2013 she started crocheting these Harlequin dish clothes using a crochet method called “Tapestry crocheting”, it’s like Fair Isle knitting, just in crocheting.

I started crocheting a dish cloth using her “Tapestry Crocheting” tutorial, starting with 41 chains as per her instructions, as I’m used to a double knit cotton yarn, the item looked a bit big and “hard” so I decided instead of doing a 3 x 3 harlequin pattern, I will go 3 x 4 and use them for tray clothes.

I used Strawberries and Cream DK – 50% Recycled cotton/50% Acrylic, made in Turkey for Kismet yarns using a 5mm (UK6 / USA H/8) hook.

Love to all
Nikki M

Flower doilies

Spring has arrived in all its glory on the south side of the world! Not sure how I feel about the summer, they are pretty hot and if you are from the north side of the world you would think it’s always summer here! What I’m saying it’s not cold here at all! The heat interferes with my crafting especially the knitting and crocheting.

I’m kind of enjoying the crocheting at the moment and decided to crochet a hexagon blanket, it had to be a solid hexagon block. I hate changing colours from one row to the next so after a long period of searching and looking I decided on a hexagon flower pattern, had to kind of work my own one out, so I will share the pattern with you at a later stage, as a child my granny used to love crocheting. This pattern is for flower doilies that were placed all over the house, they were everywhere. At the time I hated them, now I think they pretty cute.

A year or two ago a bought 7 (3 x 50g balls each) bright colours of wool, I always knew I wanted to crochet something with it, but never knew what it was going to be. I also bought a brown bark colour to join the hexagon blocks and to crochet the border, this I will show you when I get there. The wool is from “Nurturing Fibres, Supertwist Double knit range” and is 100% DK merino. Each ball gives me 3 blocks with a little left. So far I have crocheted 3 of each colour, that makes it 21 blocks I still have 42 blocks to go.

I better get back to the hook!

Love to all.


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