I lost my little buddy!

Not much crafting going on, other than a little bit of knitting. I will share this with you on a later date.

I lost the youngest of my three little Jack Russels. I noticed when I we came back from the States, Max (9 years old), was looking a bit thin, I kept an eye on him and this last week I noticed his tummy looked a bit bloated, but he still walked around and sat with me, he still ate his cooked supper and all the snacks that were on offer.

On Friday I decided to take him to the Vet first thing in the morning. She gave him three injections an antibiotic, pain killer and something for colic and told me to change his diet and just keep and eye on him. I took him home and noticed he was not happy, he was just lying outside vomiting, I kept bringing him inside but he kept going out and just lay on the lawn. By 3pm I could see he was not doing well and took him back.

The Vet kept him at the surgery on a drip, at 5:30pm she phoned to say he is really not looking well, she was worried and we decided to operate to have a look. She phoned back 10min later to say that he had cancer on his liver and it had spread all over and had ruptured and that she could not do anything for him and that it would be better to have him “put down”!

He will be greatly missed! He was my little buddy he followed me all around the house. He was no great quilter or crochet and his knitting sucked, but he loved keeping me company.

I was not ready to give him up!

Happy crafting!

What was I thinking?!

I started knitting a scarf.
I bought the most expensive yarn ever! It wasn’t the most expensive in the shop but it certainly was the most expensive I have ever bought! It happened on my recent trip to New York. Let me explain.

I just made my husband walk 20 blocks (if you ask him he will tell you it was 40), and those who know New York, know that 20 blocks = 1 mile (1.6km), to a yarn shop called String on East 33rd Street. I have been to this shop before and knew that it’s a small little shop on the first floor. As we arrived outside the shop I spotted this little coffee shop and I told my husband he should have a coffee while I go upstairs to the yarn shop. I could see on his face he was not happy with this plan.

Once I was upstairs and in the shop I asked the shop assistant to show me the cashmere yarns. I asked how much for a ball, her reply was not good, $50 for a 50g ball! As I wanted to knit a scarf and needed 6 balls, I quickly explained that this was far too expensive for me!

Now here comes the expensive purchase, I have just made my husband walk 20 blocks to a yarn shop and told him that he could not come up to the yarn shop (I didn’t really say that but that what he heard when I told him to have a coffee!) So now you understand I can’t walk out of this shop with no purchase! So I asked for a cheaper option, this ended up being a yarn called “Duchess” by Trendsetter Yarns, 6 balls of 50g at $25 a ball! Well, my thinking was, “My husband is already upset with me, if I come out with no purchase he is going to be more upset”. So this is easy, just buy some yarn!

I just finished knitting the scarf, after knitting a few test patterns, I decided on a fisherman’s rib pattern, casting on 50 stitches on size 10 (6mm) circular needles, the scarf ended up being 11” (28cm) x 63” (1.6m). No left overs!

Happy crafting till next week!

What have I done?


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