I’m back!

Well I’m back from an amazing holiday. I will give you a quick overview of my European holiday or my “white Christmas”.

Our holiday started a few days before Christmas when we drove up to Johannesburg, this is a 5hr drive to our international airport were we met up with friends that were joining us, here we got on to a big plane to fly to Budapest. We spent a few days there including Christmas, I got my “white Christmas” a day after Christmas. I found some blue and white Hungarian fabric here, I will tell you about this on another post.

Here we got on a boat to sail the river Danube up to Nuremburg, Germany via Austria. We stopped in Vienna, Passau, Melk, the, I found a little yarn shop here and guess what, I got my friend to start knitting. The ship then did a funny loop onto one of the side canals and stopped in a town called Regensburg, this reminded me a lot of the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel“.

Our last stop on our 8 day Viking cruise was Nuremburg. Here I found 2 wonderful yarn shops in a 1 mile (1.6 km) radius of each other. As you all know walking for yarn shops is not a problem for me, remember this post.

We spent 2 days in Nuremburg, hopped onto a train to Stuttgart, for those whom have car loving husbands you will understand it, it has the Porsche and Mercedes Benz Museums. We then rented a car to drive to Munich, well the boys loved this one, the autobahn has no speed limit. Sounds fun if you’re a boy! What did my friend and I do? We sat in the back, knitting, now and again my eye would glance over what speed we were doing, 125 miles/hr (202 km/hr) and other cars were passing us.

Munich has another car museum. Can you guess which one? BMW of course! We did do other things off course. Here we hopped onto an overnight train to Amsterdam. I love Amsterdam and had to go back to the quilt shop, that I visited last year on this post.

How was the weather? Cold, wet, no sun but amazing! I’m back home and getting used to this hot weather 89˚F or 32˚C.

Back home, I’m nursing an injured shoulder and having treatment at the moment feeling very sorry for myself been knitting and crocheting a little bit.

Glad to be back in blog land for those who follow me and for those that I follow you will see a few likes and comments.

Happy crafting.


Buzy Day 2014

I lost my little buddy!

Not much crafting going on, other than a little bit of knitting. I will share this with you on a later date.

I lost the youngest of my three little Jack Russels. I noticed when I we came back from the States, Max (9 years old), was looking a bit thin, I kept an eye on him and this last week I noticed his tummy looked a bit bloated, but he still walked around and sat with me, he still ate his cooked supper and all the snacks that were on offer.

On Friday I decided to take him to the Vet first thing in the morning. She gave him three injections an antibiotic, pain killer and something for colic and told me to change his diet and just keep and eye on him. I took him home and noticed he was not happy, he was just lying outside vomiting, I kept bringing him inside but he kept going out and just lay on the lawn. By 3pm I could see he was not doing well and took him back.

The Vet kept him at the surgery on a drip, at 5:30pm she phoned to say he is really not looking well, she was worried and we decided to operate to have a look. She phoned back 10min later to say that he had cancer on his liver and it had spread all over and had ruptured and that she could not do anything for him and that it would be better to have him “put down”!

He will be greatly missed! He was my little buddy he followed me all around the house. He was no great quilter or crochet and his knitting sucked, but he loved keeping me company.

I was not ready to give him up!

Happy crafting!


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