What a trip!

J (new daughter) and my youngest and middle son walking through Central Park. The older son that is engaged had to go to a meeting!

J (new daughter) and my youngest and middle son walking through Central Park. The older son that is engaged had to go to a meeting!

Sorry I didn’t blog last week, as I was in New York to meet my son’s fiancé and family! What a trip! My head is still spinning around! I’m not sure if its “jet lag” or the amazing few days I have had with my family! We had the whole family together! What joy! All three boys and a new daughter from another mother! I have decided this is the best way of having daughters. Get them when they’re big! Hehe! I just have one complaint. It was far too short! When I come home from a tip I get into “withdrawal state”, I think it’s because I can’t accept that the holiday is over!

I seem to have come back to earth, but now my head is spinning with new crafting ideas. It’s so nice to be able to make homemade gifts for girls. Oh I’m planning a quilt as the wedding is next year on the 30 August!

Found the pattern now I just need to go through my stash to find the fabrics.

Happy Crafting

P.S. the photograph is J (new daughter) and my youngest and middle son walking through Central Park. The older son that is engaged had to go to a meeting!

Life is for living!

I believe life is for living, no matter if you are poor or rich!

As a child my mother was a single parent and therefore we did not have much! No takeaways, sweets, chips, movies, holidays etc! Looking back I don’t think I was poor, I was never fat, always healthy, because I ate good healthy fresh vegetables and fruit and walked everywhere I needed to be! I always had money for my crafts, birthday and Christmas present needs, because I worked at the local hairdresser sweeping and washing hair on Saturday morning and during my school holidays. I never felt poor! I had food in my tummy, a roof over my head, a warm clean bed to sleep in, clean clothes to wear and I felt safe! Needless to say our home didn’t look like a magazine page! Nothing matched, but it was clean. Mom was a clean-a-holic, if that can be a word!

So many of you can’t believe that I have adult sons! Well I married very young at the age of 18! As you have gathered it must have been a shot gun wedding! Hehe! Best thing I ever did! My life is so different now, but also still the same!

I think this is why I love so many different colours, old and new things! I would like to share a few glimpses of my home!

To life and living!


PS As you read this I will be landing in New York to meet my new daughter! I will keep you posted!

Hot off the knitting needles!

The last time I spoke to you all I was busy knitting a scarf and I mentioned I would like to knit some sockS! Well, I’m glad to report I managed to finish the scarf and knit one pair of socks. I’m nearly finished the second sock of the second pair!
I’m off to a quilting weekend in Cape Town, so I will bore you with the details and sock pattern on my next blog!
Hopefully I would have finished a third pair of socks!
Happy knitting!
PS Thanks for all your lovely commentS! I really enjoy reading them!


Buzy Day September 2014


A knitted scarf!

I have wonderful news! My eldest son that lives in London, got engaged to an American girl that lives in New York! Well you must be wondering if I’m excited about the fact that he is in engaged or that she lives in New York? I have to admit it’s both! Well the best of it all is we are off to New York in 3 weeks from now to meet her! This created a bit of a problem for me! What will I take as a gift? A knitted scarf! Perfect as it is going into winter!

Digging in to my stash I found 5 x 50g balls of Rowan – Cashsoft DK, shade 503, 57% Extra fine Merino, 33% Acrylic microfibre and 10% Cashmere (unfortunately this range has been discontinued). It’s so so soft, perfect for an item to wear around your neck! This was the easy part! It took me a whole day trawling the internet and my books, looking for the perfect pattern, knitting test samples until I thought I would have to discard one of the balls of yarn. I then stumbled upon the perfect pattern toward the early evening on the Lions Brand Site - Free Kitting Pattern for this Classic Cables Scarf, scroll down to the bottom you have to register to enable you to download the pattern. Real easy knit! I have enjoyed knitting it and it’s nearly done, I’m on the 5th ball of yarn and it is 9”x 63” (23cm x 160cm) long and according to the pattern it needs to be 9” x 72” (23cm x 183cm). Only 9” (23cm) to go!

I better get back to my knitting, maybe I will have enough time to knit her a pair of socks!

Lots of love

Let’s play!

This last week I have been playing making Luscious Little Layerings! I’m no art quilter! It’s too messy for me and I’m not responsible enough, especially when it comes to burning things, my concentration span is to short and I may just burn the house down!

Every second year on this side of the world each Province (state) gets a turn to host a quilt festival. Well next year it is the Province I live in’s turn to host it.

The idea is to send the “layerings” (A4 size) to the 2015 Festival committee who will then post them on their website and keep them to be sold off as prizes at a Tombola at the 2015 Festival in Durban, South Africa. We are hoping to get “layerings” from some of the top South African quilters, so that when you do come to the Festival and buy a ticket for the tombola, you might be lucky enough to win one of those. The money earned at the Tombola from the sale of these “layerings” will go toward defraying some of the costs of the Festival.

If any of you would like to play along please click on the Luscious Little Layerings link and join in the fun!


What a Journey!

My “Dear Jane” piecing battle is over! The top is stitched together, sandwiched and machine stitched in the ditch. I’m now going to hand quilt each 4” block and the border by hand, using simple quilt designs.

My journey started by purchasing the “Dear Jane” book by Brenda Mangues Papadakis, 2009 and soon to follow the Electric Quilt Company “Dear Jane” software, googling the net I found a blog called “That Quilt” by Brenda Papadakis, using these three sources of information, my journey started.

I want my quilt to be as close to original as possible, so some of the fabrics are reproductions from the era, many are not, they are all a 100% cotton and prewashed! All the fabric for the quilt was kept separate from my normal stash. This also helped as I’m not a prewash quilter.

My methods of piecing of the blocks were either using the paper piece method and all the appliqué block were done by hand using the freezer paper method, assisted by Glue-Baste-it by Roxanne, I don’t enjoy hand work so gluing down each seam and appliqué piece before sewing it down made my life so much easier! My machine sewing thread was Master Piece #502 3,000 yards # 151, Canvas by Superior threads, using a number 70/10 machine needle. The machine quilting was done with the same thread. All my hand appliqué was done by Silk thread, #100 by YLI, colour 242 using hand appliqué needles.

I decided to make each row starting with row A1 end with A13 sew it together adding the sashing then moving to the next row, sewing the rows together as I was going! I would choose each piece of fabric for each block in that row, spray starch and press piece each piece of fabric before I started sewing the row. The border was started with the top row sewing in a clockwise manner until all four borders were done and I sewed each border to the main quilt as I went. Each block was pressed and squared off before sewing it together.

I NEVER sewed the next block before the block before was finished, even if it had to be hand appliquéd! I found this method helped me to keep track as it took me so long to make this quilt!

The “Dear Jane” quilt maker was born Jane A. Blakely on April 8, 1817 in Vermont she married a Walter A. Stickle 1850 and lived her married life in Shaftsbury. We know that she finished The Quilt in 1863, during the American Civil War. Jane passed away on March 2, 1896 at the age of seventy-nine. She is buried with her brother and his family in the Shaftsbury Cemetery. The original “Dear Jane” quilt is on display at Bennington Museum in Vermont, United States

The American Civil War, also known as the War Between the States, or simply the Civil War in the United States, was a war fought from 1861 to 1865. Leading up to the American Civil War, quilts were made to raise funds to support the abolitionist movement. Then during the war, quilts were made to raise funds for the war effort and to give warmth and comfort to soldiers. The patterns were much like those made mid-century, but the purpose was different. Quilts connected to the abolitionist movement and the Civil War were made for a cause, many representing the relevant flag.

What a ride! What a journey! Will I ever do this again? Don’t know! It’s like giving birth after the first one you say “Never again!” Then two years later you sit with another baby in your lap!

So watch this space!



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